2013 National Black Theatre Festival : ICED OUT SHACKLED and CHAINED: STILL LOOKING for the NORTH STAR Features the Incredible Actor, Bianca Laverne Jones

Thank you Uncle Calvin!


Bianca head shotBianca LaVerne Jones is a native of Cary, North Carolina.  She attended Farmington Woods Elementary, Briarcliff Elementary, West Cary Middle, Apex High, Athens Drive High and North Carolina School of the Arts (Diploma).  She went on the SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory and Yale School of Drama.

Bianca LaVerne Jones is the daughter of Herman LeVern Jones of Garner, North Carolina.  Herman LeVern Jones is one of the architects of the National Black Theater Festival in 1989 who was special assistant to the producer, the late Larry Leon Hamlin. She has been coined the “National Black Theater Festival baby” as one of the first youth to attend the festival in 1989.  In 1997 she was in BLUES, in 1999 in RUNAWAYS and in 2011 she appeared at the festival as a participant in the film portion of NBTF in her BET and CENTRIC lead role in BURNED.  She returns in 2013…

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Author: Bianca LaVerne Jones

Apple Pie maker. Sister. Daughter. Lover. Artist. Bubbles. Hard Candy. Text. Scripts. Analysis. Critic. Critical. Compassionate. Empathetic. FUNNY. Peaceful. The Beez Knees. Smiles. ...and Chocolate! Professional Actress. Director. Writer.

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