San Francisco and Oakland ROOTS

2014-07-14 19.30.23Good day! Three days left in my journey to Oakland/San Fran. WOW. Maybe if I’d known better, I would have moved here and dedicated my life to hugging trees years ago. This is such a wonderful place. MUIR National Park. SMH. A wonder. Trees. Literally the enchanted forest. The theme of this trip has been ROOTS. Planting seeds and growing roots. How does one plant a seed? Where does it come from? Who is going to water the seed that becomes a massive Muir tree in the future years? Me. Yes. Me. I plant the seed. Goal oriented positive thinking is where it will come from. I will water the seed, I will feed myself the process. I till the soil as often as needed. Done.

Author: Bianca LaVerne Jones

Apple Pie maker. Sister. Daughter. Lover. Artist. Bubbles. Hard Candy. Text. Scripts. Analysis. Critic. Critical. Compassionate. Empathetic. FUNNY. Peaceful. The Beez Knees. Smiles. ...and Chocolate! Professional Actress. Director. Writer.

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