Stanley Tucci and the SUNY Purchase secret.

biancatinySo…I am there. Present.  On set.  Walk up to the kraft table although I am not hungry and I see him. Stanley. Stanley frigging Tucci.  HAHA… SUNY Purchase alum is standing beside me.  How do you say HEEEEEY…?  So I said “SUNY Purchase is in the house”.  Yes. I said it.  Proudly too.  He turns to me and says “Oh, yea…”, I say “Good morning” and we proceed to figure out who still works there, who died and…one of the ADs calls him over.  It was short but it was going to be long and caught on camera in a few hours.

I was writing, eating mangos and it is time to put on my clothes and be escorted to my scene as a waitress in the restaurant with SUNY Purchase alum, Stanley Tucci.  I was observant they way you are in someone else’s home.  You are polite, you don’t say much but if someone picks up a conversation with you, you GOOOOO for it.  You stand by your ideas without stepping on toes and wondering what they think of you but still doing your best to keep it real…but not too real like play cousins.  Looking over my lines on the tiny script they hand to everyone,  Mike comes over and says “Bianca, can I give you some blocking/direction?”  “Whew…I thought it was my job to make it up…haha…Yes, I would love direction.”  Probably said too much already but he smiled back at me and gave me a TON of direction.  SWEET.  We do the scene, a lot, for a long period of time which is pleasurable because it was time spent on a set and not like in a laundry mat.  Gratefulness is key.

IT GOES WELL.  I am grateful.  Happy even.

Time to walk back to the kraft table.  The day is wrapped and the only person walking my way and he doesn’t mind…Stanley.

I say “So you showed me everything you learned at Purchase today…” and he says “actually, I didn’t learn any of that at Purchase.”…he goes on…”Emily Best is my sister- in- law and she had just gotten out of school and she just did it.  You know.  I think it is innate.”

Those words felt light and heavy for so many reasons.  Emily Best is great.  Emily Best is his Sister (basically).  I do have an innate sense because I am here WITH You.

Amy Jo Berman says to destroy and uncreate anything that feels heavy and let it go.  So…I am emotionally and mentally as light as a feather and I thank God for that experience.