• Bianca has been cast in Quick Silver Theater Company’s Citizen One Reading Series. 

  • TURNER Part One written by Thomas Brazzle. 

  • The reading will be at The Lucid Body House, 230 Lexington Ave at 2pm on Tuesday, November 2, 2015.

  • Bianca has been cast in a workshop of

  • THE APOCRYPHAL TRAGEDY OF KING MICHAEL  written by Eric John Meyer, directed by Robert O’Hara

  • @ Playwrights Horizon for the week of October 26 – October 30, 2015.

  • A reading of KING MICHAEL will be at Playwrights Horizon on October 30 at 3pm.



Starring Stanley Tucci, whom also attended SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory!… Bianca’s Alma Mater!! (October 2015)


JUMP, a short film about a young man with an internal decision to make.  Bianca stars as Karen (mother).  JUMP is directed by Jamal Hodge and written by Eric Lockley. (October 2015). THE JUMP


David Gray Project. Webseries.  Bianca will be featured in the webseries which is written and directed by David Gray.  He is also the Director of Bianca’s second national commercial where she is the featured Actor in a Time Warner Cable commercial. David Gray Project


Bianca LaVerne Jones directs Nathan Yungerburg’s ESAI’S TABLE at the National Black Theater Festival.  (August 2015)


Bianca LaVerne Jones cast Act III of Garland Thompson Sr’s homegoing performance, produced by Aduke Aremu. Garland Thompson was Artistic Director of the Frank Silvera Writer Workshop.  (August 2015)



A gripping short film starring Bianca LaVerne Jones about a mother’s conversation with her newborn son about his life around events that have happened to Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Tamar Rice. (June 2015)


WE WON!  Bianca LaVerne Jones, cast and producers will for Best Solo Act and Best Duo Act in DC at the DC Black Theater Festival. (June 2015)



Bianca LaVerne Jones directed two (2) One Act plays at the DC Black Theater Festival.  A solo performance about Michelle Obama starring Simone Leonora, MFA, Colulmbia University.  A duo performance starring AUDELCO Award winners Michael Green and Michael Leonard in a play about a veteran suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (June 2015)


I HAVE A DREAM directed by

Herman LeVern Jones. 

Bianca stars as Coretta Scott King in this gripping dramatic musical about Martin Luther King Jr.  Performed in Homestead, Florida. (January 2015- March 2015)


BOOKED National Time Warner Cable Commercial! (December 2014)


KING LEAR.  Bianca stars as Goneril at Chicago Shakespeare Theater. (August 2014 – Novemer 2014)


SEEDS OF ABRAHAM. Bianca stars at Thea Ann Clarke Seed McHouse at Billie Holiday Theater in Brooklyn (April 2014 – June 2014)


MOUNTAINTOP.  Bianca stars in Katori Hall’s phenomenal and gripping play about Martin Luther King Jr. at CITY THEATRE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (December 2013 – February 2014)


National Black Theater Festival has now picked ICED OUT SHACKLED AND CHAINED for 201 3 NBTF!! (August 2014)

National Black Theater Festival takes place every odd year in Winston Salem, North Carolina where over 100,000 people support plays by the African Diaspora. July 28-August 4. 2013!

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Cherry Lane Theater Workshop of ONE NIGHT by Charles Fuller directed by Clinton Turner Davis. (January 2013)

Iced 0ut Shackled and Chained at the National Black Theater

A suspension of disbelief of two spirits caught between history. These stories told by Bianca Laverne Jones and Stephanie Berry are hilarious. harrowing and deep. This is a show not to be missed

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New Black Fest, Carla StilIweIl’s BODIES

Chuck Smith and Carla Stillwell collaborated with New Black Fest with Chad Coleman, Susan Heyward. Bianca Laverne Jones, Kim West Moran and Nathan Hinton as cast for Carla Sti||we||’s BDDIES.

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Harlem 9’s 48 Hours in Harlem 201 2

Harlem 9’s 48 Hours in Harlem is a Collective of B Playwrights. 8 Directors.18 Actors and 8 popular published Black Plays. 8 Playwrights choose a number from a hat [1-6]. which has one of the 8 popular plays. 8 Directors
choose a number from a hat [143] which will match one of the B Playwrights. 18 Actors then choose numbers and equally divide into 3 actors for every Director and Playwright. Discuss the play, Playwright writes the play, 48 hours for Actors and Director to direct, memorize and act!

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Honoring Black Excellence: A Night with Woodie King Jr. hosted by Bianca LaVerne Jones

An honor to discuss theater origins with Mr. Woodie King Jr. This event was collaborated by The Movement Theater. Cherry Dn Top Productions and New Black Fest.

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Dlufunmilya Gittens observes and blogs about BURNED

[pictures of Bianca included]

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Bianca on Red Carpet at Urban World Film Festival

September 14 – 18 at AME.‘ 234th St Theater – MEN IN LOVE and BURNED

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BURNED screening in Hartford, CT at Wadsworth Atheneum

Beautiful event hosted by Recina Gilbert for Phyllis Toben Bancroft featuring her short films SPENT and BURNED. Excellent night of cinema.

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IndieWire: Shadow and Act: 8 films to see at Urban World MEN IN LOVE

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DIE ENDRMDUS by Ka’ramuu Kush at Black River Theatre September 11 , 2011

Film loosely based on Assata Shakur. A wonderful action film script.

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BURNED Trailer!!!

Please enjoy the trailer for BURNEO and click LOVE…[oops]…L|KE

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SLICK RICK: The Great Adventures of Slick Rick

Shaun Neblett’s THE GREAT ADVENTURES OF SLICK RICK at 138 South Oxford Space.
Bianca will be acting in this reading which is the prequel to Shaun Neblett’s ILLMATIC which she also performed in at the Black River Theater in Harlem in August 201 0.

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Act Now Foundation Mini Festival

Act Now Foundation’s NEW VOICES IN THEATER. August ’lO-’| 3th. My Oirectorial Debut AUGUST 1 1, 201 1. ETCHINGS OF SOUL WOMEN.

National Black Theatre Festival

I had an amazing time at NBTF! I saw a ton of shows and participated in the
midnight readings. KNOCK ME A KISS starring Andre OeShie|ds produced by
New Federal Theatre was my favorite show! The festival in North Carolina is
always a wonderful place for me to re group and have a great time before
coming back to the beautiful hustle bustle of New York.

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Stay up to date and in the know about everything related to Miss Jones. Link
up with Bianca via facebook.

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Reading of lken’s Perversion

Check out Bianca LaVerne Jones with Academy Award Winner F. Murray
Abraham. Location: New York City

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12-Steps To Recovery is a romantic comedy webseries about a heartbroken actor finding love with the help of his friends. Written and Directed by Tony Clomax.

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Men In Love

Following a bitter break-up. Leo’s best friend takes him out to a party to meet
a new woman and ‘get over‘ his ex. Short Film featuring Bianca LaVerne
Jones. Location: New York City

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BURNED the Film

This film features a female Firefighter and Air Force Veteran who returns from the Iraq war and is suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. BURNED the Film with Bianca Laverne Jones. Co-starring Oscar Nominated. Eric Roberts. Location: California.

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Q&A on

Director/ Producer Phyllis Toben Bancroft describes how she discovered Bianca Laverne Jones

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Theater South Atlanta, Inc.

Bianca Laverne Jones is now an Associate Producer. Location: Atlanta, Georgia.

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